My first post…

Hello fellow photo lovers, I´m a long passionate about photography. This my first experience in sharing my pic´s to the world.

The aim is not to get professional but to improve out of your comments and try to understand what people fell about my photography.

Since photography is just a hobby to me, and I cannot afford spending big bucks in gear, I try to explore and take the best out of my equipment. Like Ken Rockwell (a reference to me how helped a lot in my first steps) always says: You don´t need expensive equipment to take good photos. I try to remember this every time I go out capture the world and come across photographers with hi level gear.

I bought my fist DSLR in 2010 (Nikon D3100) it was a really entry level camera but made me learn a lot about light and exposure. This year I bought the D7100, also from Nikon, since I want to keep using my lenses. It´s not a full frame camera, but so far I´m in love with it. It allows me to take my photography to a higher level.




Enough talk about me. In this first post I would like to share with you twophotos I took in Venice this weekend. I got up at 3 am so I would arrive well before the sunrise. The first is a long exposure (55 sec @ f20 ISO 100) and the second is the sunrise (1/80 sec @ f7,1 ISO 100).



Both pictures were taken in the Ponte dell’Accademia in beautiful Venice. This place has a unique view of the sunrise. The sun comes up in the horizon just in the middle of the Grand Canal, and has a beautiful view of the Basílica de Santa Maria della Salute.

Hope you like them and share your comments. See you soon.



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