Santa Justa Lift – Lisbon

17mm 1/640sec f/5,0 ISO 100

17mm 1/640sec f/5,0 ISO 100

On the top of the Santa Justa Lift (also known as Elevador do Carmo) you can have one of the best top views of Lisbon.

The works to build the elevator started in the late XIX century (1898) and it was opened to the public in July 1902. It’s a project of the engineer Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard representing the neo-gothic style.

In the first years it was moved on steam and in 1907 started to work on electricity.

From the ground platform to the top, it elevates 30 meters high, giving you a full panoramic view of Lisbon city, specially the old down town and São Jorge Castel.

Santa Justa Lift is one of the icons of Lisbon city.

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